2019 Starts with Nominations!

51r0mxjwv4l._sy177_I am very excited (and more than a little shocked) that two of my works have been nominated in this year’s P&E Reader’s Poll (Last year, I was fortunate enough that “Gabriel’s Trumpet” was not only nominated … it won!)

Bel Nemeton has been nominated Best Thriller Novel (Thriller? Okay, whatever). Seriously, I’m glad that my quirky mash-up of 6th Century Arthurian Historical Fiction and 21st century pulp genuinely seems to be making people happy. BTW, the the next novel in the Bel Nemeton series, Caldedfwlch, should be out sometime in 2019.

“A Scandal in Hollywood,” part of the anthology Silver Screen Sleuths, has been nominated Best Misc. Short Story. This is a fun little (well, not so little, circa 20K words) pulpy historical mystery set in Golden Age Hollywood. British character actor Basil Rathbone is the protagonist and much of the story unfolds like an homage to Arthur Conan Doyle.

These nominations come at a very good time. Post-holidays I was feeling rather ground down by my works in progress. Win or lose, the nominations are tremendously validating and a great shot in the arm.

On the subject of winning, however, should anybody following (or just reading) my blog care to vote … your are certainly welcome to do so! The links for voting are http://critters.org/predpoll/novelthrill.shtml and http://critters.org/predpoll/shortstory.shtml

Thank you so much!

Bel Nemeton Cover Final