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Multi-award winning author Jon Black writes historical fiction with pulp, supernatural, or Mythos twists.

His Bel Nemeton series combines 6th century Arthurian historical fantasy with brainy 21st century pulp. Its first installments, Bel Nemeton and Caledfwlch, were named Best Thriller Novels of 2018 and 2020 in the Critters’ Readers’ Poll. Reviewers have called the series “An Intellectual ‘Tomb Raider’” and “Books that should make Dan Brown weep with jealousy.” His Jazz Age, music-driven supernatural mystery Gabriel’s Trumpet was Critters’ Best Horror Novel of 2019. Check out 18th Wall Productions for all Jon’s novels (and most of his short stories).

Among Jon’s favorite short stories are the award-winning “A Scandal in Hollywood,” a pulpy mystery (and Sherlock Holmes homage) set in Tinsel Town’s Golden Age; “The Green Muse” a tale of Mythos & murder set among the Parisian avant-garde of 1910s Montmartre; and “Swinging Londons,” a Dr. Who story included in Defending Earth, an anthology of Sarah Jane Smith stories.

He enjoys exploring the Power of Place in all his stories, a love especially on display in his contributions to the Texas, California, and Washington volumes of the Horror USA series from Soteira Press.

Texas Hill Country

His Hill Country supernatural stories, set in the fictional Junzt County, are being compiled into collection due out in 2022. The collection will include an expanded version of the previously published “Totmann’s Curve,” “Pioneer House,” and “So Lonesome I could Die” as well as the previously unpublished “The Eye Teeth” and “Family Style.”

Jon is also an internationally-published music journalist and music historian, a perspective and passion he brings into much of his fiction. His other writing work includes ghostwriting, speechwriting, and roleplaying games. He has spoken on author outreach, writing for roleplaying games, and the use of music in fiction to ArmadilloCon, the Texas Library Association, and other audiences.

Ask me sometime when you’ve got an hour.

Jon began writing fiction when he was 42 years-old … and wishes he had started much sooner. Raised in a university town north of Dallas, Jon lived in Egypt for several years, bounced to various locations around the world, and ultimately landed in Austin. His previous jobs include archaeological excavator, Benjamin Franklin impersonator, embassy worker, graduate assistant, newspaper reporter, pizza jockey, political speechwriter, small business owner, substitute teacher, and summer camp counselor…not always in the order one might expect.

“Historical Fan Service”

-Leonard Balsera

 “…all the while also managing to educate as much as it entertains. That’s something I’ve also never come across before in any genre, and a distinct sign of just how talented a writer Jon Black is; Black has created his own subgenre…”

The Scifi & Fantasy Reviewer

“Adventure that is a perfect blend of Carmen Sandiego and Clive Cussler that bestows upon you an honorary bachelor’s degree in history.”

Sean O’dea



ArmadilloCon, Austin, TX

• The Evolution of Horror into the 2020s (moderator)

• Worldbuilding for Beginners & Masochists

• Alternate History (moderator)

• Reading: “Pioneer House”

FenCon, Dallas, TX

• Liminal Spaces (moderator)

• Alternative History (moderator)

• What’s My Role: Choosing the Right Personality for Your RPG Character

• Reading: “Pioneer House”


ArmadilloCon, Austin, TX

• Music: Your Novel’s Soundtrack

• Writing for RPGs, Videogames & Boardgames

• Reading: Bel Nemeton: Caledfwlch sneak preview.



Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Short Story, “Pioneer House,” Critters Readers Choice Poll


Best Thriller Novel, Bel Nemeton: Caledfwlch, Critters Readers Choice Poll


Best Horror Novel, Gabriel’s Trumpet, Critters Readers Choice Poll

(Second Place) Best Author, Critters Readers Choice Poll


Best Thriller Novel, Bel Nemeton, Critters Reader Choice Poll

Best ‘All Other’ Short Story, “A Scandal in Hollywood,” Critters Readers Choice Poll


Best ‘All Other’ Short Story, “Gabriel’s Trumpet,” Critters Readers Choice Poll.

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