About Jon Black

photo: Jess Tucker

Jon began writing fiction when he was 43 years old … and wishes he had started much sooner.

His debut novel, Bel Nemeton, was released by 18th Wall Productions in April 2018. The novel interweaves separate but related narratives combining 6th century Arthurian historical fantasy and globetrotting 21st century pulp to explore the question of what became of Merlin after Camelot’s fall. The novel has been called “An Intellectual ‘Tomb Raider’” and “A book that makes Dan Brown weep with jealousy.”

His Jazz Age supernatural mystery, “Gabriel’s Trumpet,” was voted Best Short Story (All Other Genres) Published in 2017 in the annual Preditors & Editors Poll.

A devotee of historical fiction in all its forms, he is the author of Literary Archeology, a blog about writing historical fiction, for 18thWall Productions.

Jon is also an internationally published music journalist and music historian, a perspective he brings into much of his fiction, including “Gabriel’s Trumpet” and “So Lonesome I Could Die,” a Texas Gothic ghost story set in the 1930s Hill County. His other writing work includes ghostwriting, speechwriting, and roleplaying games.

Raised in a university town north of Dallas, Jon lived in Egypt for several years, bounced to various locations around the world, and ultimately landed in Austin. His previous jobs include archaeological excavator, Benjamin Franklin impersonator, embassy worker, graduate assistant, newspaper reporter, pizza jockey, political speechwriter, small business owner, substitute teacher, and summer camp counselor…not always in the order one might expect.

c. 2018 Jon Black