Speakeasies and Spiritualists now available from 18th Wall Productions in print and ebook formats.

Speakeasies and Spiritualists also presents eight stories inspired by the spiritualists’ Jazz Age milieu.

Psychic investigators on the trail of the trail of a jazz musician who seems to have crawled from the grave. Amateur, livingroom seances going very wrong when mixed with grief for those who died in the war. Strange men warning out of Florida storms. Dream Demons stalking Chicago, feeding off bar-dwellers, and floors painted with mystic stars.

My contribution to this anthology, “Gabriel’s Trumpet,” was voted “Best Short Story (all other genres) Published in 2017” in the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll. “Gabriel’s Trumpet” is steeped in the music and music scene of  the 1920s, following a paranormal investigator as he tracks a musician, allegedly returned from the dead, across the Mississippi Delta, Jazz Age New Orleans, and New York at the height of the Harlem Renaissance. Along the way, he faces off against rival investigators, dangerous locals, uncooperative authorities, and perhaps even a supernatural entity or two. Drawing upon the era’s rich background, look for cameos by historical figures including Langston Hughes, Charles Fort, Walter Franklin Prince, and E.J. Bellocq.

Read the opening of Gabriel’s Trumpet.

FEATURING STORIES BY M.H. Norris, James Bojaciuk, Peter Rawlik, Josh Reynolds, John Linwood Grant, Jon Black, Donald J. Bingle, Aaron Smith, Brendan Foley, and William J. Martin.  Cover by Johannes Chazot.

Look for a novel-length treatment of Gabriel’s Trumpet from 18th Wall Productions in late 2018.

Descansos available from Darkhouse Books in print format from Amazon and B&N.

Descansos Book Image

Descansos, or roadside memorials, mark an interrupted journey, the place where an intended path came to an unintended end. While born of grief and loss, descansos memorialize love and represent the terrible beauty we all contend with as creatures who, by living, are condemned to die.

My contribution, “So Lonesome I Could Die” brings together Texas Gothic and the classic Ghost Story for a musically-themed tale set in the Depression-era Hill Country. It is the tale of musical prodigy Johnnie Gruene (as the story notes, “if you’re not from around here” that’s pronounced Green, like the color) his mysterious origins, big chance for fortune and glory, and enigmatic fate.


Read an Excerpt from “So Lonesome I Could Die.”

After Avalon from 18th Wall Productions, available in eBook and print.


“King Arthur is dead. Camelot has fallen. Britain drowns in Saxons. These are the stories of what came after.”

My contribution to this anthology, “Bel Nemeton” chronicles the fate of Merlin following the Battle of Camlann and the fall of Camelot. The tale unfolds both through the eyes of the wizard himself  and from the modern day perspective of a professor of Celtic languages and her treasure hunter companion as they follow clues from a most unusual archaeological discovery in the dusty expanses of Central Asia.

Read an excerpt from Bel Nemeton.

“[Bel Nemeton] is like an intellectual ‘Tomb Raider'” – Television Crossover Universe

This all-new anthology from award-winning curator Nicole Petit, features stories by Colin Fisher, Leigh Ann Cowan, Amy Wolf, Thomas Olivieri, Jon Black, Patricia S. Bowne, Claudia Quint, David Wiley, Christian Bone, Patrick S. Baker, and Elizabeth Zuckerman.

Look for a novel-length treatment of Bel Nemeton from 18th Wall Productions in late 2017.


GURPS Encounters: The Harrowed Hearts Club available from Steve Jackson Games.

The local tavern gets an update for modern times in GURPS Encounters: Harrowed Hearts Club. Quickly design your own establishment (including features and details), then fill it with interesting staff and patrons. Add paranormal elements to the club with appropriate powers and random supernatural events. A sample club history and four encounters make this a ready-to-use resource for GURPS ActionGURPS Monster HuntersGURPS Horror, and other modern or near-modern settings. Each encounter includes the key events and actors, plus insight into how heroes and campaigns might best approach it. There’s always time for another round of adventure, compliments of the club!

Though I’ve written for gaming periodicals in the past, The Harrowed Hearts Club marks my debut gaming supplement. In bringing it to life, I’ve drawn deeply on my background as a music journalist and music historian. The supplement’s first part combines tools and resources for GMs to design and populate detailed, realistic, and unique nightclubs/speakeasies/music venues, etc. The second part contains  four adventure seeds (encounters) reflecting a variety of genres, power levels, and historical periods.

Read the Blind Mapmaker’s review of GURPS Encounters: The Harrowed Hearts Club.

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