Poetic Justice for Descansos

While my contribution was a short story, “So Lonesome I Could Die.,” I am ecstatic to see that the anthology Descansos from Darkhouse Books is Amazon’s #1 New Release in Poetry Anthologies.

I think this is proof that Darkhouse’s concept for a new kind of anthology has legs. They envisioned an anthology where the only criteria (other than quality of course) was thematic. The anthology was open to all genres and mediums as long as it revolved around the central thematic element, in this case descansos or, rather the “interrupted journeys”  implied by such roadside shrines.

Thus is it is that my 1930s musically-driven ghost story can coexist harmoniously with such excellent poetry within the confines of a single volume.

Check out Descansos on Amazon or B&N.

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