Bel Nemeton Q&A: Part II

The following is part of my Publisher’s author interview for the short story “Bel Nemeton.” The template for my upcoming novel of the same name, “Bel Nemeton” can be found in the anthology After Avalon, from 18th Wall Productions.

Q) Other than your story, what is your favorite Arthurian tale (regardless
of medium)?

A) I have a special fondness for the 2004 film “King Arthur,” starting Clive Owen and Keira Knightley. I appreciate its late Roman/early Dark Ages setting and its exploration of the interplay between the various cultures in Britain at that time, including Celtic, Roman, and Saxon. Those are elements I explore in “Bel Nemeton” as well.

Though I am confused by why all the Saxons in the film have American accents.

Drop in on Tuesday for another question from the interview and check out earlier answers in previous blog posts.

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