Bel Nemeton Q&A: Part I

The following is part of my Publisher’s author interview for the short story “Bel Nemeton.” The template for my upcoming novel of the same name, “Bel Nemeton” can be found in the anthology After Avalon, from 18th Wall Productions.

Q) How did you discover the Arthurian Legends? What do they mean to you?

A) My family is, in part, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish. My father’s middle name is Merwyn, a name related to Merlin. He was my introduction to Arthuriana. As a child, his tales of Merlin, Arthur, and the knights were my bedtime stories.

I am fascinated that a mythology so rooted in a specific time and place could become so ubiquitous. For nearly a millennia, the Arthur Cycle has been both a mirror and a painter’s pallet for the values, hopes, fears, and concerns of vastly different societies. Part of this, I believe, stems from characters that offer a complete set of archetypes which represent the virtues, vices, dreams, and obstacles that exist within each of us.

Drop in on Monday for another question from the interview

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